Providing investment solutions to rebuild local food and agriculture systems

Our Investments

Dahlicious makes cultured, high-probiotic yogurts and drinks.  Their current products are Lassi, an Indian-style yogurt drink, and Aliv, a probiotic shot.  Both dairy products are made with milk from 100% grass fed cows.

Dahlicious invested in its own facility in Massachusetts and co-packs pro-biotic products for other businesses, including a line of non-dairy yogurts. All grass fed milk for Dahlicious products is sourced within the Northeastern US.

Local Bushel is a marketplace for restaurants to buy farm-transparent food from small to medium sized farms and purveyors. Led by female founder and CEO Yusha Hu, the company has a unique mobile ordering platform and custom-built logistics software that manages orders from the farm to the kitchen.  

Based in NYC, Local Bushel’s e-commerce solution centralizes fulfillment and eliminates waste while getting 98% of items delivered on time, accurate, with no quality issues.

Sfoglini is a specialty pasta maker founded in Brooklyn, NY.   The company is dedicated to sourcing top quality American organic grains and offers the same pastas served at some the most revered restaurants.

Sfoglini's products include a line of pastas made with specialty grains grown in New York State, including rye, emmer, einkorn and spelt flours.  All other grains are sourced domestically, and they are actively partnering with regional growers to expand their supply of local grains.  

Spoiler Alert offers a collaborative, online platform and value-added services that enable food businesses, farms, and nonprofits to create or recover value from surplus food and organic waste.  Born out of MIT in June 2015, Spoiler Alert was a 2015 winner of MassChallenge.

Spoiler Alert’s platform allows for food that would otherwise be wasted to get back into the food system and supply a number of food rescue operations that serve communities in need. 

Agrilyst is the intelligence platform for indoor farms.  Based in New York City, they offer seed-to-sale tools that are built specifically for indoor growers.  From tracking crops through production to managing upcoming harvests and better understanding pest patterns, Agrilyst helps indoor from operators use data to make profitable production decisions.  

Founded by CEO Allison Kopf, Agrilyst creates an ROI for indoor farmers and helps them get back to what they do best:  growing great crops. 

Imperfect Produce is a California based home and office produce delivery service focused on providing affordable fruits and vegetables to consumers.  They source "ugly" fruits and vegetables that usually go to waste on farms.  These fruits and veggies taste the exact same on the inside but look a little "wonky" on the outside.  

Addressing food waste and food access, Imperfect Produce is able to offer affordable prices because they only work with "ugly" produce that traditional produce companies don't source. 

BentoBox offers restaurants beautiful, mobile friendly websites that drive revenue and customers — complete with a simple, hospitality-focused management system, hosting and exceptional customer support.  In addition, powerful analytics provide clients with insights on their online effectiveness.

Bento Box is the first platform that enables restaurants to manage the entire hospitality experience with mobile-first tools focused on the modern guest.  In the words of female founder Krystle Mobayeni, "We are 100 percent focused on building the best digital platform in the world for restaurants." 

Consolidated Harvest Company (dba Hudson Valley Harvest) provides a valuable service to regional producers in the Hudson Valley of New York as a food hub aggregating from local farms and distributing to regional buyers.   The company sources high quality produce (fresh and frozen), meats, and local shelf-stable products co-marketed as the Hudson Valley Harvest brand, with traceability back to the individual farm. 

Hudson Valley Harvest's services are key to rebuilding the food system in the Northeast region.  In addition to providing a sales outlet for local farmers, the company’s diverse product mix and traceability meets a key demand from institutional buyers with local procurement goals.

Just Add Cooking provides meal kits to greater Boston families with easy-to-follow recipes and fresh, locally sourced ingredients to make healthy meals at home.   The company delivers the kits to customers on the same day they are packed with very lite-weight packaging.

Just Add Cooking's regional sourcing provides a new and stable sales outlet for small to mid-sized producers to help support the Northeast food system.

Farmers To You connects regional farmers and artisanal food producers with Boston area families through weekly deliveries of individually custom ordered food.  The company uses proprietary software for convenient customer ordering and selection flexibility, while also providing transparency to the customer.  

By directly buying from producers, farmers receive about 65 cents for each dollar the customer spends, compared with just 15 cents farmers receive on average on food purchased in supermarkets nationally. 

Red’s Best is a wholesale seafood aggregator based on Fish Pier in Boston with operations in Chatham and Menemsha, MA serving primarily small and mid-size fishermen. Red’s Best’s proprietary software application streamlines the procurement, compliance, and sales process while also providing traceability of the product.  


Red’s Best buys fishermen’s whole catch, both the species they specifically target and bycatch -- creating markets for such fish that small boat fisherman would not have on their own.  In addition, it’s traceability software allows for consumers to feel confident their seafood is fresh, local, and was caught in a sustainable manner.  Loan paid in full in 2014.

Recover Green Roofs is a Design/Build/Maintenance firm specializing in vegetated roofs, rooftop farms, and living walls.  They work on academic, residential and commercial buildings in the Boston, New England, and New York region.

Recover has helped promote the growth of rooftop farming throughout the Northeast.  They built the rooftop farm on the Whole Foods in Lynnfield, MA, worked with Higher Ground Farm on the Boston Design Center and have created rooftop farms for restaurants to provide hyper-local produce to diners.  Loan paid in full in 2014.